What are Clinical Trials

What are Clinical Trials?

Clinical trials are conducted as part of the development process of potential new treatments for health conditions that we, or someone close to us may be suffering from. They play a vital role in the understanding of new treatments to manage a disease that may be as good, or better than what is currently available to the public.

Clinical trials enable people to access expert medical care and new investigational treatments before they are available to the public. People participating in clinical trials are usually monitored more closely and have access to comprehensive care and services that may not be as easily accessible through standard care.

For more information go to http://www.australianclinicaltrials.gov.au/what-clinical-trial/how-clinical-trials-work
What to expect as a volunteer?

1) Stay up to date with current trials, be informed of trials you may be suitable for

2) Take part in surveys to determine your suitability for particular studies (pre-screening)

3) Review the trial participant information provided by the clinical trial unit and approved by an independent Ethics Committee

4) Make a screening appointment at the clinical trial unit. (Once the pre-screening is complete and it looks like you could be eligible to participate)

5) Attend the screening session to discuss the trial with the Medical Officer or Principal Investigator. If you would like to participate you will sign a consent form (Informed consent process) and undergo a comprehensive medical (most often this will involve the doctor taking your medical history, a physical exam, blood and urine samples, heart rate, breathing rate, temperature, blood pressure and may involve other procedures depending on the trial)

6) The Study Coordinator will contact you once all results are back to inform you of your eligibility and if eligible offer you a place in the trial. The study schedule will be confirmed so all dates that you’re required to attend the clinic will be provided as well as key contact details whilst you are involved in the trial.

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